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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography.

Light Exposure.
Medium Exposure.
Dark Exposure.

Two Options: Basic and Premium.

Property Web Pages

One place to showcase everything about your listing.

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Sell Faster, for More Money.

Top agents know...

Photos sell homes.

Top real estate agents know that to sell listings fast (and for the highest price), they need professional real estate photography.

So, when they find an amazing real estate photographer, they keep him/her close, because they know great photos sell homes.

We've Got Top Real Estate Photographers

Our real estate photographers are trained for high-end interior and exterior photography. They use advanced production techniques, and sophisticated equipment to capture amazing images of your property.

Among other things, they are skilled in HDR real estate photography (also known as "fusion" photography), where multiple exposures are combined to create a seamless higher-quality final image. 

We are a Realtor.com Authorized Vendor

We are an MRIS Authorized Vendor

Interactive Floor Plan

Buyers love interactive floor plans to see where each photo was taken.

Beyond Real Estate Photography...

360 Virtual Tours, Cinematic Video, Aerial Photography, and Property Web Pages.

Often, top listing agents will also make use of 360 virtual tours to give buyers an even more immersive VR experience of the property, or cinematic video tours that quickly highlight the properties best features (sometimes with voiceover narration).

These are often combined with aerial photography and video (when allowed by the FAA) to showcase the property's surroundings and add production value to the photos and videos, and featured on property web pages also known as virtual tours.

MLS Compliant

Your virtual tour, and all of its components will come in two versions: a branded version, and an MLS-compliant version.

Quality Control

We implement industry-leading quality control measures to ensure that every photo shoot yields outstanding results.

Mobile Optimized

Get mobile-optimized photos that are compressed for the ideal blend of fast download speed and high quality visuals.

24/7 Support

If you need help right away, we are here for you around the clock to book appointments and answer questions.

Can You Afford a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Perhaps a better question might be "can you afford NOT to hire one?..."

You might be thinking to yourself that only top listing agents have the budget to hire professional real estate photographers, and add all the bells and whistles to their virtual tours. Maybe only high-priced listings justify the cost of such real estate marketing services.

So why should you bother with professional real estate photography, 360 virtual tours, interactive floor plans, cinematic video tours, and aerial photography and video?

Lets consider for a moment that perhaps we are asking the wrong question... Maybe the right question is "how can I afford NOT to spend on high-end real estate marketing services?"

Think of what would happen if your listing sits on the market too long... or you don't get any offers... or your open houses are very low traffic...

Might not the seller begin to believe that you are not doing enough to earn their business?

The consequences for low quality or DIY marketing could be lost listings, lost referral opportunities, or even worse... bad word of mouth.

So, can you afford to limit yourself to posting unprofessional photos to the MLS and call it a day?

Maybe... It's true that not every listing is going to necessitate this level of expense and perhaps time/effort. Also, some listings may sell quickly if they are priced just right. So, perhaps sometimes you can get away with doing the bare minimum.

However, if you really want to get those great referrals, and build a powerful portfolio of well-marketed listing examples to show at your listing presentation to new sellers, you may want to reframe your perspective on real estate photography.

It might be better to look at it as an investment in your business -- something you can post on your web site in order to impress every client that hires you, attract new clients, and generate word of mouth referrals.

Anyway, that's our two cents about why we think you ought to hire us to wow your client base, and we hope you consider taking us up on that. So, if you need a real estate photographer you know what to do. Give us a call today, and we'll send one of our real estate photographers to provide you with high-quality real estate photography to get your listing sold fast!

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Examples of interior & exterior photos.


Photo Retouching Add-ons.

Increase the impact of your interior and exterior photos with photo retouching.

Add Warmth & Color

Add instant appeal to any photo by adding natural enhancements that look amazing.

Add Fire to your fireplaces. (add $20)

Add a warm glow to the living room with a virtual flame in the fireplace.

Add Fire to your fireplaces. (add $20)

Add a warm glow to the living room with a virtual flame in the fireplace.

Add Window Views for see-through windows. (add $18)

Add Window Views for see-through windows. (add $18)

Add TV Images to your blank televisions. (add $15)

Add TV Images to your blank televisions. (add $15)

Add Blue Skies to your exteriors. (add $20)

Add Blue Skies to your exteriors. (add $20)

Make your grass greener. (add $20)

Make your grass greener. (add $20)

Flexible pricing

Starting at
Add photos at $10/photo
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Add fire to fireplaces
Add see-through window views
Add TV image to blank televisions
Add blue skies to exterior photos
Add greener grass to exteriors

Here's what clients are saying about Uptown Photo.

Cindy Barnhart
"It was a rush digital art order, and they had it ready before the due date! It looks great. It was a pleasure working with Daniel."

Cindy Barnhart AlturasAnalytics.com
Katie Wisecarver
"Daniel was awesome to work with! We wanted photos of a few properties when the weather was decent & our company is located out of state. Daniel was great about keeping us updated & getting the job done. He delivered the photos fully edited the next day after they were taken and if I had changes he redelivered within hours of my request. I look forward to working with him on any future projects my company has."

Katie Wisecarver
Catherine Chilcoat
"Fabulous, punctual, professional."

Catherine Chilcoat
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